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August 6, 2012

By Kuri Gill

Museum 2.0 is a blog frequented by Oregon Heritage. The majority of the blog’s entries focus on issues of the day and tend to be practical and achievable ideas. A few of the recent entries address an increase in attendance at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, where the blog author, Nina Simon, is the Executive Director.

Annual visitor growth at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History.

From the post “How We Doubled Attendance in a Year,” we learned that the growth of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History’s audience is based on events – a reasonable, but resource consuming tactic. What is special about the programming change is not the increase in events per se, but the emphasis on community needs and interest. Check out the post for more specific info and also read the comments to go a bit deeper into the conversation.

While we try to capture and share posts that best apply to Oregon’s heritage organizations on Oregon Heritage Exchange, if you haven’t already, we encourage you to also subscribe to Museum 2.0.

Kuri Gill is the Grants and Outreach Coordinator with Oregon Heritage.

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