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12 Days of Oregon Heritage

December 25, 2012

Part scavenger hunt and part celebration of Oregon’s heritage, join us for the 12 Days of Oregon Heritage! If you complete one, some, or all of the tasks, please let us know in a comment below.

Members of the Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries during a recent meeting in Lake Oswego.

Members of the Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries during a recent meeting in Lake Oswego.

Day 1 (Dec. 25) –  Visiting family and friends for the holidays? Find all the buildings listed in the National Register of Historic Places in their city or county by using the Oregon Historic Sites Database and quiz them to see how many they already know about.

Day 2 (Dec. 26) – Check-out great post-holiday deals in your local downtown. Is your downtown part of the Oregon Main Street network?

Day 3 (Dec. 27) – Connect with us by following our Oregon Heritage Exchange blog, signing up for the Heritage News listserv, or on Facebook.

Day 4 (Dec. 28)Preserve your historic family documents for the years to come by reading the paper preservation Heritage Bulletin.

Day 5 (Dec. 29) – Visit a local museum or give your visiting family and friends a tour of historic buildings in your community. Find museums in your community or find historic buildings in the Oregon Historic Sites Database.

Day 6 (Dec. 30)Submit a place in your community to the Oregon Women’s History Project.

Day 7 (Dec. 31) – This is the last day to make a donation to your local or state heritage organization to get a deduction on your 2012 income taxes! It’s also the last day to make a donation to the Oregon Cultural Trust and, by having matched it in donations to heritage and cultural organizations, still take a tax credit of your 2012 taxes.

Day 8 (Jan. 1)Ring in the New Year with a First Day Hike in one of your local state parks!

Day 9 (Jan. 2)Look into applying to be a mentor with the Oregon Heritage MentorCorps.

Day 10 (Jan. 3)Nominate an extraordinary person, organization, or project for a 2013 Oregon Heritage Excellence Award.

Day 11 (Jan. 4) – Plan a spring clean-up of your favorite local historic cemetery. Get ready by looking at the tips in the cemetery clean up Heritage Bulletin or by taking the Historic Cemetery Clean Up online course.

Day 12 (Jan. 5) – Make plans to attend the 2013 Oregon Heritage Conference in Portland in May 9-10. More info available soon at!

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