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Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center: Bringing the Past to the Present

May 7, 2013

Editor’s note — To celebrate National Historic Preservation Month we’ve asked several individuals and organizations from around the state to tell us what preservation means to their community. We hope you find inspiration for your next preservation project from these stories.

By Gwendolyn Trice

Our parent’s pass on their cultural idioms through us, their artifacts and textiles weave their story; we pass on our tools, ideas and traditions to our children, friends, and neighbors.

Maxville Heritage Interpretative Center

Maxville Heritage Interpretative Center in Enterprise

Our descendant’s collective culture carefully packed into satchels, suitcases, and steamer trunks are symbolic of a child’s treasured cigar box. It reveals the story of daily life and the hope of a new beginning.

How does the wonder of a child ignite within us today?

Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center’s (MHIC) mission is to increase access to the public of communities that migrated out west in the logging, railroad and timber industry in the early 1900s. Established in 2008, the MHIC has been changing our perspectives of Oregon’s rural historical record. Access to oral history, artifacts and textiles provide enjoyment and personal connection, enriches scholastic and genealogy research. Developing electronic media tools will broaden the MHIC’s outreach globally. Blogging tools will enhance and provide a conversational corridor within our website and as a standalone tool.

Preservation is rooted to our mission. Our collaborative efforts with agency, community and individuals provide MHIC with a new home, buildings for historical and cultural interpretation and education. On the National Register since 2009, this Forest Service, CCC-built compound will provide economic relief over time as well as draw tourist traffic.

What discovery will you make today?

Gwendolyn Trice is the Executive Director of the Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center in Enterprise. Find out more about the work of MHIC.

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