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Are you thankful for Oregon heritage? Here are 10 reasons why we are!

November 27, 2013

It’s Thanksgiving, and here at Oregon Heritage, we’re thankful for a lot! So much in fact that we’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why we’re thankful.

All the things we're thankful for and love about with Oregon heritage!

All the things we’re thankful for and love about working with Oregon heritage!

1. People who support local heritage. We’re thankful for the people actually doing the work of keeping Oregon’s heritage vibrant. This includes volunteers at heritage organizations, our Certified Local Governments, Main Street organizations, Heritage All-Star communities, and everyone else who gets in there to get the job done. Thank you!

2. People who give money to support local heritage. Heritage organizations need money to do work and we’re thankful for those that do donate. We’re talking about the people who donate $10, $20, or become members of their local heritage organization. Their donations really do add up to make a big impact.

3. Local businesses that embrace Oregon heritage. These are businesses that adopt local heritage places, events, or names in their company name or logo; fix-up old buildings to use as their place of business; or whose products reflect the local heritage of our state. It’s easy to see what makes these businesses so great.

4. Heritage resources that make Oregon special. We all know and feel Oregon heritage when we experience it: Timberline Lodge, the Jacksonville Cemetery, the Pendleton Round-Up, the Paul Bunyan Statue, the Siskiyou Smokejumper Base Museum, Tamastskilt Cultural Institute, the State Fair, the Yaquina Bay Bridge, the Brownsville Pioneer Picnic and so many more. We’re thankful that these resources are everywhere and surround us every day!

5. Places listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Oregon has nearly 2,000 places listed in the National Register! All of them reflect Oregon’s diverse, unique, and at times, off-beat heritage. One recent example is the Petersen Rock Garden, built in the 1930s-1950s by Danish immigrant Rasmus Christian Petersen. How cool is that?! This roadside attraction has been popular for decades and is now seeking volunteers and donations to help with repairs and on-going maintenance.

6. Commission and board members who provide guidance about Oregon heritage.  This includes state commissions and boards, such as the Oregon Heritage Commission, the Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries, the State Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation, and the Oregon Historic Trails Advisory Council. This also includes the dozens of boards for heritage organizations and local historic review in the state. Thank you for your work!

7. The Oregon Cultural Trust. Heritage is one of the key areas supported by the Oregon Cultural Trust. The Trust provides direct funds to five cultural partners, three of which are heritage organizations: the Oregon Historical Society, the State Historic Preservation Office, and the Oregon Heritage Commission. They also provide direct funds to Oregon’s 45 county and tribal Cultural Coalitions. In turn, these coalitions award local grants in their communities to support Oregon’s cultural and heritage!

8. Our statewide partners that support Oregon heritage. Because we can’t do it alone! Our statewide partners include the Oregon Museums Association, the Oregon Department of Transportation, Restore Oregon, Oregon Humanities, the Oregon State Archives, the Oregon State Library, the Oregon Historical Society, the Oregon Library Association, and Northwest Archivists. Thank you for your help!

9. The Oregon Heritage MentorCorps. If you haven’t heard, Oregon Heritage received a federal grant to provide training and services to Oregon’s museums, archives, and libraries! One of these services is the Oregon Heritage MentorCorps. The MentorCorps is a group of volunteers trained in collections care, disaster preparedness and response – and a whole lot of other areas – willing and ready to help our heritage organizations! The MentorCorps will officially launch in January.

10. The Oregon Heritage Conference. The Oregon Heritage Conference brings together all of the people who love and work with Oregon’s heritage. The conference is purposely designed to be interdisciplinary and focuses on all sectors of heritage, such as historic preservation, museums, local and state government, archives, and libraries. By bringing together everyone in one place, we can begin to realize that our work is all interconnected, that we have similar problems, and, can create better solutions together. For this year’s conference, we’re so thankful for our partners in Albany for their networking and creative ideas – the conference will be a blast! Join us April 23-25, 2014 in downtown Albany!

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  1. friendsofthedredge permalink
    December 5, 2013 12:14 pm

    We believe in historic preservation for sure! Do you think the Mentor Corps would be something that would apply to our group in Sumpter?

    • December 5, 2013 12:34 pm

      If you have any kind of collections of artifacts or archives, etc., then yes! The MentorCorps would be a great fit. We’ll be coming out with more info about the MentorCorps in January.


      • friendsofthedredge permalink
        December 5, 2013 12:41 pm

        yes, we have tools, photos, and other artifacts….will keep an eye for more info!

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