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Preserving Oregon’s Alderbrook Station

December 4, 2013

By Daren Doss

We have owned Alderbrook Station, the last intact netshed on the lower Columbia River, for over 10 years. The roof had always leaked and was getting worse to the point of emergency, but the task to replace it was daunting. Finding the Preserving Oregon Grant gave us both the financial assistance and support of confidence that we needed to tackle this important project and continue to save the building.

Installing the new roof on the historic netshed.

Installing the new roof on the historic netshed.

We had to be very smart about how to use the money so that any modifications gave us the most long term weather protection with the least physical change to the appearance and character of the original building. In addition to repairing leaky portions of the upper torchdown roof, we replaced about 2,700 square feet of corrugated roofing with a material that was like-for-like. We opted to add a plywood substrate as another water barrier and further strengthen the building structurally against the strong winds it must endure. Finding a compatible fiberglass skylight panel infill was challenging, but we managed to install 4 new skylights in a better configuration than what was existing. Consequentially, the natural daylight inside the netshed is a vast improvement and has made working in it much more enjoyable.

The finished new roof on the netshed.

The finished new roof on the netshed.

It has been a year now since we did this project, and the roof replacement and repair has held up very nicely. The inside of the netshed is dry and the interior wood material/structure is protected from rot for many years to come.

Inside the netshed with the new roof installed and daylighting.

Inside the netshed with the new roof installed and daylighting.

Maintaining these old buildings is an arduous and never-ending job, not to mention very expensive. The Preserving Oregon Grant is a very important resource to us as other financial models do not apply in up-keeping a building that is not a commercial enterprise. Without this grant, this project would not have been possible for us. Thank you!

Daren Doss is the owner of chadbourne + doss architects in Seattle, Washington and Astoria, Oregon. View more photos of Alderbrook Station at

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  1. Jeff LaLande permalink
    December 5, 2013 10:50 am

    Excellent…this formerly economically significant but now-so-very-rare kind of structure is well worth preservation.

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