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Mitigate the quake!

June 15, 2015
Before - Bad news in a quake!

Before – Bad news in a quake!

As of March 30th, 2014 the Southern Oregon Historical Society (SOHS) finished a yearlong project to protect their shelved artifacts against the ever present threat of a major earthquake. SOHS was first alerted to this danger after a 2010 Conservation Assessment Report recommendation. In 2013, SOHS applied for and won a matching $18,760 Heritage Grant from the Oregon Heritage Commission for this disaster mitigation proposal.

Unable to locate any suitable stabilization system for metal shelving, SOHS staff developed its own system using shelf unit bracing, shelving edge barriers and custom-made heavy-duty bungee restraints. This system provided adequate protection while still allowing easy access to the artifacts. Additionally, artifacts previously placed unboxed on shelves were also inventoried and archivally packed. The safeguards were installed by a small group of staff and volunteers with a minimal amount of carpentry and metal-working skills required.

Being the first artifact stabilization project in the state, the SOHS is proud that its successful plan will serve as a model for other cultural and heritage organizations. – Keoni Diacamos, Southern Oregon Historical Society

After - much better

After – much better

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