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Trees of Knowledge

August 21, 2015
From Stumptown to Treetown by David-Paul Hedburg

From Stumptown to Treetown by David-Paul Hedburg

We like to think our Oregon Heritage Fellowship plants the seeds of great thinkers in Oregon history. One of our 2015 Heritage Fellows spent time researching planters of downtown Portland’s lush environs.

Portland State graduate student David-Paul Hedberg used the $2000 Oregon Heritage Fellowship to do research on indigenous environmental activist Wilson Charley. After winning the scholarship the environmental historian used his knowledge of nature and history to write From Stumptown to Tree Town: A field guide for interpreting Portland’s history through its heritage trees. The guide, written for Portland Parks and Recreation, is a ten stop walking tour of downtown Portland’s landmark plants. From the massive Copper Beech outside PSU’s main library to the garden plants of former estate’s, Hedburg uses each tree to give readers a glimpse of Portland’s founding families, growth as a city and natural environment. The guide is a free download and perfect for anyone looking to take a stroll and learn more about the city.

If you know a similarly talented student of Oregon’s Heritage let them know about the 2016 Oregon Heritage Fellowship.

Check out Portland Parks and Recreation’s website to download From Stumptown to Tree Town and learn more about the city’s Heritage Tree program.

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