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Plan for emergencies now so your collections don’t go up in smoke.

August 28, 2015
Wildfire in Oregon - Image Courtesy of BLM and Wikimedia

Wildfire in Oregon – Image Courtesy of BLM and Wikimedia

The Northwest is on fire. Governor Kate Brown recently called the National Guard to assist an army of firefighters from all around the world. Many of the wildfires are creeping dangerously near towns and cities. Hopefully we will get a little relief this weekend with heavy rains but those of who care for Oregon’s heritage and collections shouldn’t just hope for the best. It is important to think ahead.

Think quick: a disaster is looming, what is the most important item in your collection to get to safety? Ok, how would you do it? Comment to let us know.

Never underestimate the importance of disaster planning. Take a moment in the next few days to create a basic plan for what to do if your museum, collection or historic place is threatened. The Pocket Response Emergency Plan is a good first step in this process and only takes minutes to complete. Once you have a PrEP phone tree, buy supplies and start considering a more comprehensive disaster plan or at least figure out your collection priorities.

Obviously staff and family are the most important thing to secure but what important piece of Oregon’s history would you save next? Think about it now so you can focus on getting it to safety if a fire, flood or other disaster draws near.

For more information and guidance on diaster preparedness and collections go to:

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