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October 14, 2015
Nyssa Train Depot

Nyssa Train Depot

Oregonians often flock to forests of tall Douglas Fir trees, the towering peak of Mt. Hood, or the romanticized western landscape of the High Desert. However, there is a bounty of equally intriguing architecture that dots the famous landscape of Oregon.
The Oregon Heritage summer staff team had the opportunity to travel many miles over the past few months to study, document, and mostly importantly…to enjoy some of the buildings in the state.

A Mystery in Florence

A Mystery in Florence

In Nyssa, the team found an old train station which is perhaps one of the best representations of the Streamline Moderne style that there is in Oregon. The Conser House in Jefferson, resembling a colonial home on the East Coast, intrigued the summer staff with its one-of-a-kind floorplan. On the coast in Florence, the team is still scratching their heads about an early 20th Century house turned gas station, or maybe the other way around; it’s a mystery.
The team has documented over 300 buildings this summer and each of them is unique in their own way. Buildings tell the stories of the places they are in and the people that built them. Sometimes you have to look closely, but when you do, you will certainly find something that peaks your interest. There is still time to explore in this last month of summer. Whether you go to Gilliam County or downtown Salem, there are buildings waiting for you to fall in love with them. Go find them. — by D. Paden Vargo, 2015 Summer Staff at Oregon Heritage

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