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Benton County preservation projects boosted by B.A. Beierle’s work

June 20, 2016

B.A. Beierle has been a tireless promoter of historic resources in Benton County, including organizing tours.

If you look at most of the major preservation projects during the past 10 years in Corvallis, one name keeps popping up: B.A. Beierle [pronounced Buy Early].

Since she began monitoring Corvallis and Benton County public bodies with authority over historic resources more than 13 years, Beierle has taken on many important projects.

Many of these projects have involved PreservationWORKS, which she founded in 2003. PreservationWORKS is one of a handful of local nonprofit preservation groups in Oregon.

With her leadership PreservationWORKS has coordinated Preservation Month activities, develop tours, coordinated an architectural history conference, prepared the city’s successful Preserve America application, and coordinated the Corvallis Neighborhood Photo Survey.

This photo survey involved 60 volunteers canvassing more than 2,500 structures and took 6,000 images across 952 acres in an area surrounding the Oregon State University. This is an area straining to maintain its livability.


Beierle has supported the Whiteside Theatre project.

Beierle, who was presented an Oregon Heritage Excellence Award last month, has also served on numerous community advisory and preservation groups, including the historic Whiteside Theatre, which reopened sooner than anticipated because of her leadership.

Beierle is working with parks and recreation partners to preserve the Knotts Owen farmstead into a place where urban children can learn about the historic agricultural landscape. And she’s played an important role in saving and preserving the Gorman House, the oldest house known to have been built by black pioneers in Oregon.

One supporter wrote in the Heritage Excellence Award nomination that Beierle “has entirely redefined our community’s notions of what can be done in the realm of historic resources. She is never satisfied with simply repeating successful events, and her ongoing development of new collaborations will keep bearing fruit for many years.”

McBee 1896

Beierle digs into a new project.

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