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Transformation of Dora Cemetery

December 9, 2016

By Patricia A. Krewson

Dora Cemetery Incorporated 1886, aka McKinley and Dora Chapel Cemetery – Dora, Oregon


The Dora Cemetery started out as many did during the early days of mans’ desire to revere and honor those that came before. Sadly, many of these historic cemeteries fell due to the inability to be maintained and lost interest or funding. But for the Dora Cemetery, through a long-standing commitment to community pride, partnership and love, it has been transformed from a quaint local cemetery to a thriving panoramic area that invites visitors’ to linger for loved ones and its beauty.

Not singularly over time but most definitely the individual who envisioned what the cemetery could be was Julius L. Benham. Through his generous donation upon his passing in 1992, those who followed, as part of the Dora Cemetery Association (DCA) and volunteers, have worked tirelessly to bring to life a final place of peace for all who do now and will in the future rest there.

353Some of the recognizable projects and changes that contribute to the transformation include the following:

  • Donation of land by the Lone Rock Timber Company and the clearing and leveling of that acre
  • Installation of a well for water
  • Upgrade of an outhouse
  • Secure, proper and esthetic storage of equipment
  • Paved entry and parking

In addition to these larger scale improvements, continuous efforts were made to maintain all aspects of a community cemetery: headstone repair, lawn mowing and watering, equipment repair and replacement and financial accountability to the DCA.

You can see the changes by viewing the Transformation of Dora Cemetery video.

For more information about this cemetery, visit the Dora Cemetery website.

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