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Thankful for the Main Street Grant!

November 28, 2017

Written by Shannon Thorson, business owner in downtown Carlton, Oregon


Photo of Carlton & Coast Tavern after Oregon Main Street Revitalization Grant improvements.

In October of 2016 we bought an old 1932 building in downtown Carlton which was one of the original Safeway stores that swept across the West in the 30s. Although originally a Safeway, the building spent most of its life housing different bars.

Time had not been kind to our new acquisition as a series poor repairs and bad remodels left it in a dire state. Although located in an energetic little downtown, our block had a 70% vacancy rate based on square footage and was performing poorly comparative to buildings on the East end of downtown.

Before photo of building that is now Carlton & Coast Tavern.

Our plan was to run the bar and make slow and steady improvements, but as plumbing pipes burst, toilets backed-up, breakers tripped and water trickled through the roof we realized we needed to close the business and find a way to give this old building and struggling block much deserved attention.

As the building sat, we applied for the Oregon Main Street Revitalization Grant. Our project was designed to both rehabilitate the building, revitalize the West end of Main Street and create much needed jobs in Carlton.

Carlton & Coast Tavern 2017 Once we obtained approval from the folks at the State Historic Preservation office, the project moved at a rapid pace and we have just recently launched the Carlton & Coast Tavern which offers 38 taps of local beer, ciders and wines. Not only did we achieve our stated goals but we’re also supporting the local economy by featuring mostly beverages produced in Oregon which of course stimulates job and industry growth across the state.

We’re thrilled to share before and after pictures of our project and can’t thank the Oregon Legislature and State Historic Preservation Office enough for supporting small town revitalization and job creation efforts.

Don’t forget to shop in your local downtown this holiday season!

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