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Transom Window Exposure & Restoration Kickoff – Downtown Lebanon, Oregon

March 8, 2019

Written by Wyatt King, Duck Buddies LLC & Lebanon Downtown Association

My family dreamt up the idea of restoring of our downtown Lebanon property a few years back after discovering the original 1910 glass work behind the plywood boards put up generations ago. We didn’t know it was a prismatic glass transom window, or what all this would entail, but we figured it would be a challenge and cost a chunk of change. Now, because of the help of our partners, that dream is a reality. If your project is like ours, you can make it a reality by building partnerships, focusing on community, and having fun.

Before and after photos of transom window exposure project.

Lebanon, like many smaller communities, is one where involved people tend to know each other through overlapping groups or causes. These community connections are directly responsible for our beautifully restored transom. At the end of a meeting with our City Manager, Gary Marks, he mentioned his difficulty in getting any downtown properties to take advantage of Lebanon’s new Downtown Revitalization Program which covered the interest on loans for approved downtown projects. Seeing an opportunity to help our town and improve our property, we asked if the transom project was a good fit. It was! Within a month or so, we had the general plan in place (with bids) and an almost interest free loan.

We worked with the Lebanon Downtown Association (LDA) regarding Oregon’s Diamonds in the Rough grant. They agreed the transom project was a great fit and began helping us go after it. Thanks to LDA connections, we were soon in touch with Sheri, Kuri, and Joy from the State, who were wonderfully accessible and helpful- we never had a question go unanswered and every email was full of great points. Between the LDA and these wonderful ladies, we were able to get a finely tuned grant application rounded out by letters of support from community partners. Their help allowed us to have fun, working in puns on the grant (or the T.W.E.R.K. acronym for our project, Transom Window Exposure & Restoration Kickoff ). Our partners helped us every step of the way, and without them, our Transoms would still be boarded up. Thank you to our amazing partners!

Historic images of downtown Lebanon over time.

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