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Heritage Conference vs. Summit

March 20, 2019

As we prepare for our 2nd Oregon Heritage Summit, some may be wondering where the Heritage Conference went. Fear not! We are fully engaged in planning the 2020 Heritage Conference that will be held in Corvallis. Two years ago Oregon Heritage made the decision to rotate between a conference and a summit as a way to engage the heritage community differently. The second anniversary of the Summit is a great time to revisit the goals of both events and get ready for this year’s Summit theme, “the Culture of Board Engagement.”

2017 Heritage Summit, Chehalem Cultural Center

The idea for the Summit was born when Oregon Heritage Staff recognized the capacity challenge of putting on a comprehensive conference that brings together all heritage disciplines for a full three days of speakers, sessions, workshops, meetings, and receptions. We pride ourselves in a conference that works closely with the host community to reflect the authenticity of the place and highlight local projects, successes, challenges, and issues. Conference content covers a variety of theories, techniques and experiences used by practitioners working to preserve and develop Oregon’s history. To do that well and maintain the quality of our other programs, staff saw an opportunity- the Heritage Summit!

On alternate years to the Conference, the Summit still brings together the diverse heritage groups we value, but does so with one focused topic and keeps everyone in the same room for cross-disciplinary learning. The Summit allows us to delve deeply into an issue related to best practices for the heritage community and compare resources and experiences across disciplines.

Tower Theater, Bend. Site of the 2018 Heritage Conference Plenary Session

What the two events have in common? Both the Heritage Conference and Summit value geographic diversity by moving around the state each year. Both bring a variety of disciplines together and support preservation and development efforts by holding events in downtown venues. Both events highlight the people, projects and organizations doing great heritage work in the state with the Oregon Heritage Excellence Awards and research presentations by the Oregon Heritage Fellows. Both are educational and fun!

Oregon Heritage Conference

  • Takes place in the even numbered years
  • Three day event
  • Includes workshops, sessions, and trainings

Oregon Heritage Summit

  • Takes place in the odd numbered years
  • One day event
  • Focused on a topic of best practice

We look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Summit in Medford, the 2020 Conference in Corvallis, and rotating summits and conferences to follow!

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