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Archives Month: #Askanarchivist

October 29, 2020

October is National Archives Month and we wanted to give it one last shout out before the month ends. One of the national events that is done to bring awareness and understanding to the importance of archives is #askanarchivist day. This year it was held on Oct. 7. We thought we would gather a few of the questions that were asked for your enjoyment.

The first one is from Oregon’s very own Oregon Hop and Brewing Archives, part of Oregon State University Special Collections & Archives Research Center. It was established in 2013 and is the first in the United States dedicated to the story of brewing in the Northwest.  They followed up to the question “How do you make a beer archive?” with a blog article detailing the story of how this archive was created. Check it out here.

Another important question that we think is pretty relevant is: “What is the difference between digitization and digital preservation?” This was asked of the UTA Archives.

Just scanning something is not preserving it. Thoughtfully and with a plan, digitizing something with the intent and a specific process in place will preserve that piece of history for the future. Check out our Heritage Bulletins for information on digitization: Bulletin #21 Planning a Digitization Project, Bulletin #22 Implementing a Digitization Project, and Bulletin #23 Digital Stewardship and Curation.

Bringing it back to Oregon, check out the compact shelving work being done at the Oregon State Archives! If you don’t already, we highly recommend you follow our friend and partner Oregon State Archives on twitter (@OregonArchives) and Facebook (@OregonStateArchives). They always have really great Oregon history to share.

If you want to see a variety of questions, Smithsonian Archives did a recap on their blog. Check it out here to learn a lot about archives in one place.

And just for fun, if you are looking for something to watch related to history check out this thread featuring movie recommendations related to archives 🙂 . Feel free to add your favorite movie involving archives in the comments!

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